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Dry Clean Friendly

Dry cleaning hasn't always been easy on garmets, or the environment.  That's because traditionally, dry cleaning has used petrochemicals.  GreenEarth Cleaning is different.  Watch the video above to learn why GreenEarth Cleaning's unique silicone technology helps protect the clothes we wear and the communities where we live.





Dry Cleaning 101- The GreenEarth Diffrence.

If you're like most people, you probably think that dry cleaning is dry cleaning.  That there is not much to separate one dry cleaner from the next except their location, and who could blame you?  That's pretty much been the case ... until now!  Now there's GreenEarth Cleaning and for the first time you and your wardrobe have a real choice.  GreenEarth is as different as different can be, different in the way it's made, different in what it does for clothes, different in how it protects the environment.





Eco-friendly Processes

Tim Maxwell, president of GreenEarth, said only three dry-cleaning processes are truly environmentally friendly: wet cleaning (laundry), carbon-dioxide systems and silocane (siloxane  based) fluids. Wet cleaning processes garments completely in water but is difficult because certain delicate garments can be ruined with water.  Maxwell said, Carbon-dioxide systems use a liquid form of carbon to clean garments, but these systems are very expensive and only a handful are in the U.S.  Siloxane fluids, such as GreenEarth, are made of silicone and oxygen.





The Process

The GreenEarth process cleans with pure liquid silicone, in essence, liquefied sand.  In contrast, most dry cleaneers use a petroleum-based solvent called Percholoethylene, which can be very hard on fabric.  Perc, as it's called, is also classified by the EPA as a possible carcinogen, and is carefully regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency, both in how it's used and how it's disposed of.





GreenEarth Used in the Seacoast

Since GreenEarth doesn't contain carbon, it's by definition inorganic but yet still environmentally friendly, Maxwell said.  The liquid silicone is chemically inert.  It means it doesn't interact with fabric.  It carries the detergent to your clothes, and then carries away the dirt and oil.  GreenEarth degrades into the environment, it breaks down into sand, water and carbon dioxide, leaving no toxic chemicals behind. More information is available from the GreenEarth Cleaning website at




Alpine Cleaners Uses Eco-Friendly Plastic Bags

McMinnville residents no longer have to feel guilty about tossing all the plastic that comes home with their dry cleaning.  Alpine Cleaners, already known for its eco-friendly GreenEarth cleaning process, is taking its environmental commitment to a new level.  Alpine Cleaners is replacing its non-degradable plastic garmet bags with an environmentally-friendly alternative.


Plastic bags are a serious environmental concern - they take up space in landfills, threaten wildlife, and last for 400 years!  But they are generally accepted as a necessary evil - until now.  The new degradable poly bags, look and feel just like the old ones.  But their special composition allows them to break down naturally within just two years.  And unlike environmentally-unfriendly plastic, the new poly doesn't give off methane gas during the degradation process.  This huge imiprovement is exciting news for dry cleaning customers who are concerned about their carbon footprint.


Co-owner Patti Jeanfaivre comments - "Our customeres didn't like throwing away so much plastic, and neither did we.  It doesn't make sense to use an eco-friendly cleaning process, and then use eco-unfriendly packaging.  Now that we have degradable poly, we're an even greener cleaner."


Alpine Cleaneers has been working to reduce their impact on the enviroment since October 2010, when we decided to switch to GreenEarth®.  Unlike traditional dry cleaning, which uses perchloroethylene or "perc", a petroleum-based solvent, the patented GreenEarth® process uses liquid silcone to clean.  It's clear, odorless, non-toxic and non-hazardous.  In fact, it's so safe and gentle that it's a common ingredient in shampoos, lotions and deodorants.  The science behind GreenEarth® makes it not only better for the environment, but better for clothes too.


"GreenEarth is not only the best option for the planet, but it's also the best for our customers.  Clothes come out softer and brighter than before, and it's gentle enough for beads, sequins, and delicate fabrics," Patti said.


Now that Alpine Cleaners is using degradable poly, customers can rest assured that the planet it getting the same high quality care their clothes are.  Using GreenEarth and eco-friendly garment bags make Alpine Cleaners a pioneer in the dry cleaning industry -- and in environmental conservation.




NOW, "Green Garmento" Bags

If degradable poly bags isn't good enough, we have now added the "Green Garmento" bag system to our store.  These 4-in-1 reusable bags are an eco-friendly alternative to single use plastic drycleaning bags.  At home, you use the bag as a hamper-just

fill it with clothes needing to be cleaned. Then use the bag as a duffell on the way to Alpine Cleaners.  We then clean the bag for free and it's ready for packaging of your freshly cleaned and pressed garmets.  Then it's ready to be carried home to repeat the process.  











For more information visit the Green Garmento website at

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